Doing Race for Life’s Pretty Muddy obstacle course

Hi! My name is Lizzie but my friends call me Wiggle. I am 29 and I live in Hastings, UK with my husband Elliot, and our daughters Emiko and Cassie.  I write, crochet and occasionally attempt other forms of crafting. I enjoy a number of athletic pursuits and like to undertake challenges for charity. I play the flute, piano, and ocarina and do many other things besides.

Since 2006, I have spent my life working to achieve goals from what I call the ‘Wiggle List’. The list currently has 82 goals on it; to date I have completed 27 of them plus 14 sub-goals. While you might call my list a bucket list, I do prefer to think of it less as a list of things to do before I die and more of a list of things to do while I’m alive. You can see which ones I have done on the aptly named Things I Have Done page.


Strawberry Picking

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  1. Hey Wiggle…
    Thanks for the ‘follow’ – much appreciated. My blog is still relatively new and unknown, so my early readers are very special 🙂
    Hope you enjoy my posts, varied as they are.
    I’m just checking out your blog too – well written, thanks for sharing.
    Uncle Spike.


    • Hey Uncle Spike,
      Thank you for your feedback! I very much appreciate the follow and the comment, especially as my blog is also still quite new and unknown. I have read several of your posts now and find them very enjoyable, keep up the good work x


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