2016 Annual Review



I’m changing things up a bit for this review. I normally say what went well first, followed by what didn’t but I think this year it needs to be the other way round or risk becoming depressing. I’m going to start by recapping last years goals.

My goals for 2016 were:

  • Be a good mum to both my children.
  • Start cheerleading again and get to do at least one competition
  • Learn to cartwheel and possibly learn to do a round-off as well
  • Have another go at winning a beauty pageant
  • Keep writing my book
  • Get my driving licence and a car
  • Take my Grade 3 flute exam
  • Get my Going Away With licence so I can take my Brownies camping
  • Do a good job of being my Trefoil Guild’s Chairlady for 2016

What did not go well this year?

  • I did not start cheerleading again. I did try to rejoin my old squad when I was allowed to after giving birth and was told they no longer have a senior team. I then tried other local squads but either had no response or was told they had no places available.
  • Because of this, I also didn’t learn to cartwheel or do a round-off.  I am not confident enough to attempt this without the support of a cheer coach and gym mats.
  • I had another go at winning a beauty pageant. Sadly, I put RJ, my baby and me through an unnecessarily difficult day by not fully realizing how hard it would be to do the pageant with a breastfed 4 month-old in tow. I’m not entirely sure it was worth it.
  • I didn’t get my driving licence and a car, due to lack of funds and it not being this year’s priority.
  • I didn’t take my Grade 3 flute exam, as I struggled to find the time and energy to practice until recently.
  • For the same reason, I didn’t get my Going Away With licence (so I could take my Brownies camping.)  I probably won’t bother with this until I don’t have small children around.
  • I ended up not taking the role of Chairlady of my Trefoil Guild, again due to having no time.
  • I organised a charity pageant as a fundraiser. A whole four people took part. I lost money on it.
  • I had to cancel another fundraising endeavour due to lack of interest.
  • Finally, a dear friend of mine unexpectedly died. It was a complete shock and a horrible loss.

So,  what actually went well this year?

  • I had a baby! Cassie was born in January and she is adorable.
  • I used a Couch-to-5k plan to get to running 5k’s and then ran 24 virtual races (you run the distance without being bound to specific times, dates and places, which is easier than real-world races when you have a little baby and no car. Plus, awesome medals.)
  • Having another go at winning a beauty pageant makes this list too. I won the ‘Miss Charity’ award for my age group! Plus,  I combined it with a lovely trip to Blackpool with my friend RJ. We went up the Blackpool Tower and Cassie LOVED it.
  • I finished my Trefoil Guild Silver Voyage Award.
  • I have to date written 38,339 words of my novel (up from 33,139 this time last year)
  • I have (also to date) written 8,988 words of a novella.
  • I have so far run and walked 1,096.27 miles of the 3,521 miles required to complete the Amerithon Challenge; a virtual race across the USA from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Washington Monument.
  • I enjoyed a lovely visit from my friend Thea as she stopped by on her world tour. I gave her her first taste of scampi. She introduced me to the weirdness that is fish fingers in custard.

 Goals for 2017, including but not limited to (and in no particular order):

  • Participate in Vertical Rush (a fundraising race up London’s Tower 42 – you can sponsor me here: VERTICAL RUSH JUST GIVING)
  • Cross ‘Go in a hot air balloon’ off my list.
  • I dread to write this again but *sigh* get my driving licence
  • Start my Gold Voyage Award.
  • Finish the Amerithon challenge.
  • Write for at least one hour a week
  • Take my Grade 3 flute exam
  • Take my Grade 1 piano exam
  • The lovely  Jenna Powers is doing a thing called 40 bibs, where not only is she doing 40 races next year to celebrate her 40th birthday, she is also sponsoring 40 people to get across a finish line of their own -and I’m one of them! Jenna has very generously funded my entry into World War Run so I’m super excited about that.
  • I may very well be crazy but I’ve entered a pageant in November, so we’ll see how that goes


Some of my friends and family are truly supportive people who are willing to go the extra mile to support my crazy. Specifically my husband Elliot, my mother, and my friends Rosie, RJ, Rachie, Sue, Thea and Taryn. Thank you guys for everything you’ve done this year. Big shout out to Kayleigh for being there for all the mummy chats. This year has been difficult, stressful, a confidence-knock and a wake-up call but you guys have been there for me through it all. I know I am so lucky to have you all in my life and I look forward to spending 2017 with you all in one way or another.

I’m feeling good about next year, guys.




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