2015 Annual Review


 What went well this year?

  • I finally (after four years) went to America to visit my husband’s family
  • I got pregnant! Baby Fowler is due January 2016
  • I took Emiko to Disneyland Paris as planned (wasn’t a total success though)
  • I successfully completed my beginner’s archery course
  • I took and passed my Grade 3 music theory exam
  • I did actually work on my Grade 3 flute exam
  • I danced a World Record breaking Charleston (most people doing it simultaneously)
  • I did a five kilometre obstacle race and a five-mile race with RJ before I had to stop racing for the year
  • I finished the Trefoil Guild Bronze Voyage Award (first person in my Guild to do so)
  • I started the Trefoil Guild Silver Voyage Award
  • I have (to date) written 33,139 words of my novel (up from 15,500 this time last year)
  • As planned, I have spent more quality time with my daughter, mostly through working on her Brownie Interest badges with her.

 What did not go well this year?

  • I did not manage to have a go on a trapeze
  • I did not manage to take my Grade three flute exam this year
  • NaNoWriMo could definitely have gone better but stinking cold plus pregnancy headaches made me very un-inclined to stare at a computer screen for long periods of time and then we moved house…maybe next year I’ll win. At any rate, I have not yet finished the first draft of my book.
  • I joined a cheerleading squad to fulfill a lifelong dream and then became pregnant and had to quit –I’m definitely revisiting this one once my former physical fitness returns.
  • In fact, since becoming pregnant I had to give up all my sports/social activities –roller blading, morris dancing, archery, running….I even had to stop leading my Rainbow and Brownie units because I couldn’t cope anymore 😦  

Goals for 2016, including but not limited to (and in no particular order):

  • Be a good mum to both my children –parenting two with such an age gap may well be challenging but I want to do a good job of it
  • Start cheerleading again and get to do at least one competition
  • Ideally at least be able to cartwheel but I’d like to learn to do a round-off as well
  • Have another go at winning a beauty pageant (or more than one, if that’s what it takes)
  • Keep writing my book –it’s bound to get finished eventually
  • Get my driving licence and a car
  • Take my Grade 3 flute exam
  • Get my Going Away With licence so I can take my Brownies camping
  • Since I am going to be my Trefoil Guild’s Chairman for 2016, I want to do a good job of that too


It’s ok that I had to give up so much this year to have a baby because it’s only temporary and she is totally worth it. I managed an awful lot in spite of the pregnancy and I’m quite pleased with it all, looking back at it. I am super excited to meet my little one in 2016! I hope you all have as good of a year as I plan to have. 🙂


Image from Pixabay


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