Summer 2011, 2012 & Winter 2014 – No.48: Learn to Rollerblade


26.48. Learn to Roller-blade (1)

This, I suspect, will be quite a short post. After all, there is only so much you can say about roller-blading. I actually started off on quad skates but I really did not get on with them. RJ tried for most of a summer to help me get the hang of them but to no avail.

The following summer, another friend of ours introduced me to inline skates instead and that was much more successful. However, I was still very slow, wobbly and insecure. I didn’t do anything for this goal in 2013, I can’t remember why. Then in the winter of 2014, RJ started taking me to a roller-disco on a weekly basis and a lovely lady who runs a local roller derby squad helped me massively.

After several weeks, I was no longer wobbly or worried and could finally go faster than walking speed. I will admit to some unusual techniques to distract myself at the beginning -skating round the hall mumbling random Japanese phrases to myself did stop my brain over-ruling my feet though! I reckon now I can skate well enough to say this one gets crossed off. Although I have stopped skating since I got pregnant due to the risk of falling, I will pick it up again at some point next year and I hope to improve my skating further then.



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