2014 Annual Review


Hello! It’s time for my first ever annual review (of how well I did at my goals for 2014), so let’s just dive straight in:

What went well this year?
 I ran the Hastings half-marathon in less than my target time of 3.5 hours
 I also did a five-mile race, this is the most running I’ve done since…ever
 I caught my first fish
 I abseiled (rappelled) down 128 feet of building for charity
 I started the Trefoil Guild Bronze Voyage Award and it’s satisfactorily in progress
 I got a B in my maths G.C.S.E. Hooray, I can do higher math now!
 I got married! Best decision ever!
 I have (to date) written 15,500 words of my novel (breaking my personal record)
 I finally learnt to roller-blade
 I mastered my natural shyness about singing in public by appearing in the Hastings Gang Show and singing two solo numbers
 I also tidied up some loose ends and finished a couple of minor projects, as well as regaining an old friend I thought I’d never see again.

What did not go well this year?
 I set the target too high for my goal: ‘Write at least 1000 words per day at least 5 days a week)’ I’ve decided to ‘mini-habit’ this in 2015 -50 words a day is so small I can’t possibly fail at it and will most likely write much more each day, therefore both establishing a daily writing habit and encouraging over-achievement rather than failure. I can always move the bar later.
 National Novel Writing Month: I did well for the time I could put into it. I found it highly enjoyable, it just didn’t mix well with full show rehearsals and performances. Verdict – I took on too much. Next year I will not be mixing NaNo with any other goal. I might do Camp Nano instead…
 Go to America, meet Elliot’s family etc: Plans changed, money was needed elsewhere, this is now planned for April 2015 (fingers crossed anyway)
 Take my Grade 3 flute exam -okay, honestly, I barely worked on this…it just didn’t appeal this year, so it’s a 2015 goal now.
 Road test ideas for easily maintained and automated businesses; take further if poss. This didn’t happen because I’ve been testing out a business idea that is not easily maintained and automated…but it is super cool and my husband is into it, so maybe that’s better?

Goals for 2015, including but not limited to (and in no particular order):
• Complete a beginner’s archery course so I can start competing
• Go to America to visit my husband’s family
• Take my daughter to Disneyland Paris
• Have a go on a trapeze
• Take my Grade 3 music theory exam
• Actually work on my Grade 3 flute exam
• Start refreshing my piano skills so I can help my daughter with her lessons
• Do more stuff with my daughter –baking, science experiments, crafts, maths etc
• Finish the first draft of my novel (daily writing and NaNo)
• Increase the size of my family (Elliot and I are officially trying for a baby!)
• Implement more sustainable techniques in the way I live e.g. grow my own veg

CONCLUSION: 2014 was a good, productive year that could have been more productive if I had avoided some scheduling conflicts but probably was as good as it was going get because weddings are a massive time/energy/money suck even when you plan really simple ones. I’m now really looking forward to next year! I wish everyone as much joy in themselves and their lives as it is humanly possible to feel; here’s to another year of inspiration, small wins (and big ones) and friendships old and new!



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  1. Congrats on all the awesomeness you accomplished and learned! 😀 Your goals for 2015 look awesome. Also: you’re trying for a baby!?!?!?! 😀 That is so exciting! I love kids so, whenever I hear someone is trying for a baby or is pregnant or whatever I get so excited for them because children are wonderful. Messy and needy and demanding. And wonderful. I wish you and Elliot the very best in that endeavour. 😀


    • Thanks Thea! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂 This year I’m really focusing on being a better mother (I think I’m pretty good already but you can always be better). Just think, when you come and visit me next year, there might be a beautiful (probably ginger) baby for you to play with 🙂


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