15th of February 2007 – No.03: Get the other side of my nose pierced


With the discovery of my pregnancy, I was suddenly facing a choice. To list or not to list? Having a child at 19 could potentially limit my ability to do stuff from my list, so I reviewed it. I thought a few things were best saved for later life anyway, when I would have more time and money; but enough of it could be done piece by piece or very cheaply that I decided to keep going with it. For some reason (I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was now) I was quite reluctant to let ‘Have Children’ be the first thing I crossed off my list, so I opted for ‘No.03: Get the Other Side of my Nose Pierced’ instead.
The left side of my nose was already pierced but I wanted to have both sides done. I now know several people who have the same but at the time it was quite an unusual sight in Hastings (the town in which I grew up and still reside). I can’t say that it was a difficult thing to do; I simply paid a body artist £30 and sat still while she shoved a needle through my nose. This led me to the conclusion that piercings were not really achievements and therefore should not be part of the list. Consequently, I removed from my list all bar the nose piercing because I’d already completed it. For those who are curious, I’ve had a total of 14 permanent piercings over my lifetime. Needles have never bothered me. Currently, I have a much more respectable 6 piercings, although that number may increase or decrease in the future. The photos in this post are from an Indian-style photoshoot I did recently (2015) and I think nicely demonstrate that both sides of my nose are pierced.



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